• £12,000+ worth of training and professional development for new and existing employees
  • Free recruitment, selection and talent match service
  • £1000 grant for companies with less than 50 employees that employ someone aged 18 or below
  • Skillset Quality Tick quality assured by the national sector skills council and rated 'Good' by OFSTED
  • Be a part of our rapidly growing Greater Brighton/Coast to Capital network of global firms, SMEs and digital businesses
  • Advanced and foundation degree, diploma level training in partnership with the Chartered Institute for IT and AIM Awards
  • First-class facilities with the latest in professional and specialist software
  • Master classes delivered by industry leaders

The Creative Process Apprenticeship lasts for one year with 87% of employers continuing to employ their apprentice because of the positive impact that they have. The apprentice gains an industry recognised advanced diploma qualification whilst learning new skills and becoming more productive and competent in the job.

Training is at advanced and higher diploma level and covers: Digital Business, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Web Design, UX and Development, Photography and Digital Imaging, Video Production, Graphics and Digital Design. New apprenticeship standards include Digital Marketer, Junior Content Producer, Software Developer and Digital Administrator.

Typical job roles: business administration, project assistants, digital innovation and transformation, operational delivery, social media, campaigns, account executives, search, analytics, PR, web design, development and ecommerce, content management, UX, digital design, motion, 3D graphics, video production, photography, studio support and digital imaging.

There is no set rate of pay. All apprentices must be employed for at least 30 hours a week and receive a legal minimum of £130 per week. However we strongly recommend that you pay your apprentice a living wage. Most of our apprentices are typically paid between £150- £300 per week. We ask for your commitment to enable your apprentice to achieve their qualification and to invest new skills into your business by supporting their full attendance at the training sessions and providing them with good management and supervision, as with any new employee.

The Benefits of a Creative Process Apprenticeship

  • Industry based training and professional development for new or existing employees
  • Drive productivity and competitiveness
  • Minimise HR costs
  • Equip staff with industry leading, digital skills
  • Enable a higher level of competency and performance
  • Create a more diverse talent base
  • Increase staff retention and satisfaction

Excellent Results

We are proud of our results which are the best in the sector and some of the best in the UK. We have a 100% success rate for all apprentices who get through the apprenticeship and a 92% retention rate.