Roxanne has just completed her Level 3 Digital Media Apprenticeship with Dotsquares.

We talked to her about her experience…

Why  did  you  decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

I was  looking for a new  venture of employment, and as I have always been interested in media and web design, this was  the perfect option to learn and get  paid for it.

What did you hope to gain from doing an apprenticeship?

The Diploma was the main objective however I would also say general life experience. I have had several jobs over the years in management roles in retail, however entering a new industry would provide both a challenge and new learning experiences

What  was  involved in applying to be an apprentice?

To be honest at the time I was a freelance personal trainer that needed to generate a higher income, and although I knew what area I wanted to go into I wasnʼt looking for anything specific. When I saw a job spec entitled “Apprenticeship” I had my fair few ideas of what to expect thanks to the media, however I was more than surprised with what was both attainable and useful. I simply applied through and within a few days I was contacted by Creative Process Digital to come to a recruitment day. The rest is now history.

What  did  you  learn  from working on the  job?

Learning on the job gave me such a variety of both learning experiences and exposure to areas I hadnʼt a clue about. My employment opened my eyes to practices that I would soon be fine tuning on my training days, which meant I could easily put the two together, and even better I could put them into practice!

What did you learn from your days in the training centre?

I learnt that there are  a range of individuals from  all over the industry and no  matter what age you  are;  you  are  all treated the same from  the very beginning. I was  a 27-year-old in a class  of 18  year olds, yet what I knew already from  experience helped others in certain areas of learning, whilst they also  taught me things that I hadnʼt a clue  about

What did you think of the tutors and staff at Creative Process?

The tutors and staff at Creative Process Digital were so friendly and welcoming. Considering the amount of people rotating on the course they were always really routing for each individual to do well. I think what I liked the most, was that each of them had a different strategy of teaching the different topics, so it was like a breath of fresh air when learning different modules. Another great factor was that they were genuinely concerned about how you were getting on in your placement. Not every candidate gels well with their employer, however Creative Process Digital are quick to identify and support you when youʼre not necessarily
enjoying your placement. You can be honest with them and trust they will make your learning experience as pleasant as feasibly possible.

What are your long-term plans for the future?

To  stay in the marketing and events sector and hopefully learn more about Google Analytics, PPC and Project Management to increase my skillset.

What would you say to someone who is interested in becoming an apprentice?

Forget what you have heard in the past about apprenticeships, as modern day apprenticeships are a lot more hands on. Your employers wonʼt treat you as the person who will be doing the menial things and will in fact make you an integral part of their team. At the end of the day it benefits both you and your employer that the apprenticeship succeeds.

What was the best thing about your apprenticeship?

The  best thing about my apprenticeship was  the chance to learn whilst I earned, and in such a short frame of time. The  tutors have been by far some of the best tutors I have had in my years of education. I was  also fortunate enough to have been put in a really good group of people and made some great friends out of it.

If you had to sum up your apprenticeship experience in one sentence, what would it be?

My apprenticeship has  been instrumental to both my working career and my life outside of work.