My Digital Story

Sophie – Social Media Apprentice at Shore Group


  • How to use HTML
  • Deeper meaning of social media
  • The use of media in construction

“I have got an idea of what my future career looks like and what i would like to do going forward in life”.

Poppy – Digital Marketing Apprentice at Vandu Languages


  • Effective time management
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Working in a busy team

“I enjoy learning new skills at the Creative Process training days, including new platforms such as Photoshop”.

Tyler – Video Production Apprentice at The Work People


  • Technical language
  • Film production
  • Filming on location

“Creating my own productions, new experiences and a big confidence boost”.

Alys – Marketing Apprentice at Rocket Projects


  • Working with Photoshop
  • Digital marketing techniques
  • Being at a workplace

“I’ve made lots of friends at work, and a really good friend in one of my college peers”.

Craig – Web App Apprentice at Lexel Software


  • GIT Version Control
  • CSS
  • Scrum (project management style)

“I am able to develop problem solving skills to fix things and figure them out. It challenges me to learn more”.

Jade – Marketing Apprentice at Mayo Wynne Baxter


  • Scheduling and managing meetings
  • Business development
  • Being part of a team

“Overall my Creative Process has given me the professional side to work and experience to proceed with my dream career”.

David – Business Development Apprentice at Your Money Hub


  • How to use LinkedIn
  • Use of digital marketing
  • Web design in more detail

“Keeps me occupied!”.

Zulay – Digital Designer Apprentice at 2UpFront Design


  • Web design (HTML emails)
  • Email marketing principles
  • inDesign, tips and tricks

“I love my workplace and that it’s a creative job – i am learning new skills and i love to be part of a creative agency”.

Luke – Digital Marketing Apprentice at Get Manic


  • Account management
  • Keeping clients updated
  • Organising work flow

“Knowing i’m heading towards a recognised qualification whilst earning in the field I want to go into”.

Hollie – Content Manager Apprentice at SJR Studios


  • How to add content to a wordpress website
  • Linking a webpage to SEO
  • Copy writing

“The emphasis on high quality photography”.

Dan – IT Apprentice at Portslade College


  • Trouble shooting skills
  • Website development

“Very friendly workplace and a great office”.

Elliott – Web Developer Apprentice at Oliver & Graimes


  • Managing time effectively to complete tasks
  • Working as part of a small team
  • Applying skills to web tasks

“Working in a great creative studio and completing tasks to a professional level”.

Trevor – Digital Apprentice at Craig Duncan


  • Stripping laptops and computers
  • Repairing devices
  • Learning how to diagnose problems

“I enjoy working on lots of different machines”.

Josh – IT Engineer at Right Click


  • Web design
  • Server management
  • Digital design

“Practicing a multitude of new skills on a daily basis”.

Daniel – Graphics Apprentice at Helen Owen Marketing


  • How to set up a SNE using wordpress
  • How to manage a mailchimp account
  • How to locate resources for marketing materials

“Working with a variety of clients on different prospects”.

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