Emma has just started her Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship working at Brighton Dome and Festival. We talked to her about her experience…


Why  did  you  decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

I had just completed my first year at University studying Fashion Communication with Business Studies, although I found myself more interested in the Digital Marketing aspect as the course progressed, but the course didnʼt cover this in the way  I wanted. I also  found that I didnʼt want to be  in a classroom learning environment anymore and that I learn better being practical and working rather than it being more theoretical work.

Do  you  feel the Digital Accelerator programme helped you  to gain the role?

Creative Processʼ Digital Accelerator course gave a quick insight into using digital media within digital marketing, learning in 3 weeks how  to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, all of which I had spent the last year learning at University. But I was  able to use  this to develop the skills  I already had in this area. Mostly what helped me from  this course was  that it taught me about the digital marketing industry as a whole, and what companies in this  sector are  looking for in an  employee.

What  did  you  hope to gain from doing an apprenticeship?

I hope that it will open a door for me to begin a career in Digital Marketing, where I will hope to learn what it takes to work  in this industry whilst achieving a qualification at the end. I would also  hope to progress into employment with the company I work  for,  but already I understand that there is a lot of opportunity in digital marketing after completing this apprenticeship.

What  was  involved in applying to be an apprentice?

I had applied to become an  apprentice within other digital marketing roles through the  standard government apprenticeship website. It is very straightforward to complete with a set of questions and is similar  to what would be required for a CV.  From  then, I was  contacted by Creative Process Digital to set up an  interview. The  interview was  quite relaxed, and they asked me to do a copywriting task and a proof-reading task  based on  what I would be doing if I worked there. Later the same day was  when I had a phone call  from  Creative Process Digital to say  that I had got the job!

What  have you  learnt so far from working on the  job?

Working at Brighton Dome has  already given me a wide range of skills  and feel  that I am always learning. Being just one  month into the job, I know how to use  their CMS  (website builder), regularly update social media, sending out mass  emails, accept and give briefs, press cuttings, send briefs to print or design (both internal and external), research, copywriting, resizing photos to the  appropriate dimensions, as well  as suggesting new ideas and giving feedback from  meetings.

What  have you  learnt so far from your  learning in the  training centre?

Working on  the job has  provided me with a lot of practical skills,  but this has been greatly supported by  learning from  the training centre (Creative Process Digital). The  training is relevant to what you  do at work, beginning with the basics of marketing and digital marketing. It not only  teaches you  practical skills,  but also  how  to think about your own  ideas and applying them in your role,  and how  work  is structured and the  different roles within this  industry and type of work  each role  involves.

What  is the best thing about your apprenticeship so far?

Having the opportunity to work  at Brighton Dome has  been incredible, it is a company that I admire and have done for a long time.  There is a lot of variety in my job role  here, and within the digital marketing industry as a whole, meaning that I have learnt so much from  them even in such a short space of time  and being able to study at the  same time  makes me feel  very excited for the  future and in my progression from  this  apprenticeship.

How  has your apprenticeship helped your employer with  their digital marketing?

With a lot of projects and upcoming changes happening at Brighton Dome, particularly with the building works, they appreciate that there is now someone who  can  focus on  the building works, and carry out research that current employees have not had the time to do. They also  like that there is a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas to update communications, particularly with the  website and social media. With this,  I am beginning to apply what I learn at the training centre to my job, and having that new  and updated knowledge has  been helpful for Brighton Dome to understand how  digital marketing is evolving.

What  would you  say to someone who  is interested in becoming an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are great if you prefer learning in a more practical way, it has been very active and exciting so far and I am excited to see where this is
going to take me; I feel like it is really going to open up my career potential and has already provided me with a lot of essential skills.

Marilena, Head of Marketing at Brighton Dome & Brighton Festive, says

ʻEmma has  been our  apprentice for two months now, and the difference she has  made to us in that time is spectacular. She  has  helped us create content for our  websites, promoted our  organisation on  social media channels and administrate wider branding projects. Sheʼs  been a fantastic support and I canʼt wait to see  what else  she  achieves over the next 16  months.ʼ