Digital Job Growth to be Higher than Every other UK Sector by 2020

Britain’s digital economy is booming outside London – three out of four UK digital companies are now based outside of London, and Brighton has emerged as one of the digital industry’s runaway success stories.

Today in 2017, Brighton now has a higher digital density – digital businesses as a percentage of total businesses – than anywhere else in the UK.

Nationwide, almost 20% of all new companies were digital technology start-ups last year. Some 15% of all new company incorporations last year were digital technology start-ups. Indeed, last year was a record year for enterprise – an incredible 80 companies per hour were created in 2016.

The booming digital industry is even more remarkable considering 50% of all UK digital companies were launched after 2008, not even a decade ago and immediately after the worst recession in living memory.

The growth of the industry requires workforce growth to match. Recent research by Development Economics estimates that more than 2 million new skilled workers will be needed by 2020 to fulfil the UK’s digital potential.

Most of the benefits of the digital economy are expected to remain in the South East and London. Almost half (47 per cent) of new positions are estimated to be based in these areas.