Jayson completed our Digital Accelerator course and has now secured a full-time job as a Training and Control Manager (Chief Data Office). We talked to him about his experience.

What made you apply for the Digital Accelerator course?

“I had been unemployed for a number of months and wanted to keep my development skills refreshed and relevant. The course description really excited me as I love everything digital; I actually begged my job coach to put me forward!”

What did you hope to gain from doing the course?

“A recognised qualification that would help me to break into the digital aspect of my career [learning and development] and also give me the option of applying for apprenticeships widening my job search options.”

How did the digital accelerator course help you secure your job?

“Obviously I gave a strong interview, however, I know my website helped me secure the role as since joining I learnt by boss checked my website out as soon as I left. Without the digital accelerator course I wouldn’t have been able to present my portfolio and I would advise all students to include their website URL on their CVs.”

How has the digital accelerator course helped you in your job?

“A large part of my role is developing digital learning and it has given me lots of ideas of how I can best present that for a modern “Google orientated” audience. In addition, I am responsible for our monthly magazine’s copy and I now have the skills to be able to confidently undertake this task.”

What would you say to someone who is interested in doing the course?

“Be prepared to work hard this is a fast paced condensed course; assignments come at you thick and fast! However, it is also an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

What are your long-term plans for the future?

“My priority, having commuted to various roles, is to remain working in Brighton. Therefore, my long-term vision is to fully break into the digital marketplace working for one of the many eLearning organisations in the city e.g. Brightwave.”

If you had to sum up your digital accelerator experience in one sentence, what would it be?

“It’s been a long time since I undertook something as rewarding as this course; it truly lit me back up and gave me renewed confidence in my search for work.”